WERA (Web ARchive Access) is a freely available solution for searching and navigating archived web document collections. It works like the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine except it also allows for full-text search of the web archive. WERA is a php application based on pieces from -- and now, with Nutchwax replaces -- NwaToolset. The WERA component includes an arcretriever webapp for the fetching of records from directories of Internet Archive ARC files. See the WERA Manual for more on how WERA works, requirements, and installation. For a demo of WERA+nutchwax, see WERA development has been sponsored by the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC).

See the downloads page for the latest release of WERA. See the manual for installation instructions and What Is WERA for an overview on its workings the basic architecture.


Release 0.4.1 17/01/2006

Improved url encoding, added metadata view in Timeline, and Google-like result presentation. See 0.4.1 Release Notes.

Release 0.4.0 10/21/2005

Improved error and encoding handling. Lots of bug fixes and improved documentation. See Release Notes.

WERA migrated from NWAToolset at to archive-access 09/2005

WERA is now a subproject of the archive-access.