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Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol

Constructors in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol with parameters of type ObjectFilter
ExternalExcluder(ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> filter)

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.oracleclient

Classes in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.oracleclient that implement ObjectFilter
 class OracleExclusionFilter

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.remote

Classes in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.remote that implement ObjectFilter
 class RemoteExclusionFilter
          Deprecated. superseded by ExclusionOracle

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.robotstxt

Classes in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.robotstxt that implement ObjectFilter
 class RobotExclusionFilter
          CaptureSearchResult Filter that uses a LiveWebCache to retrieve robots.txt documents from the live web, and filters SearchResults based on the rules therein.

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.staticmap

Classes in org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.staticmap that implement ObjectFilter
 class StaticMapExclusionFilter

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.core

Methods in org.archive.wayback.core with parameters of type ObjectFilter
 void WaybackRequest.addResultFilter(ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> resultFilter)

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex

Methods in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex that return ObjectFilter
 ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> LocalResourceIndex.getAnnotater()
 ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> LocalResourceIndex.getFilter()
protected  ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> RemoteResourceIndex.getSearchResultFilters(WaybackRequest wbRequest)

Methods in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex with parameters of type ObjectFilter
protected  SearchResults RemoteResourceIndex.documentToSearchResults(Document document, ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> filter)
 void LocalResourceIndex.setAnnotater(ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> annotater)
 void LocalResourceIndex.setFilter(ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> filter)
protected  SearchResults RemoteResourceIndex.urlToSearchResults(String requestUrl, ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult> filter)

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex.filterfactory

Methods in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex.filterfactory that return types with arguments of type ObjectFilter
 List<ObjectFilter<T>> WindowFilterGroup.getFilters()
 List<ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult>> QueryCaptureFilterGroup.getFilters()
 List<ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult>> ExclusionCaptureFilterGroup.getFilters()
 List<ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult>> CoreCaptureFilterGroup.getFilters()
 List<ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult>> CaptureFilterGroup.getFilters()
 List<ObjectFilter<CaptureSearchResult>> AccessPointCaptureFilterGroup.getFilters()

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex.filters

Classes in org.archive.wayback.resourceindex.filters that implement ObjectFilter
 class BeanShellFilter
 class ClosestResultTrackingFilter
          Class which observes CaptureSearchResults, keeping track of the closest result found to a given date.
 class CompositeExclusionFilter
          SearchResultFilter that abstracts multiple SearchResultFilters -- if all filters return INCLUDE, then the result is included, but the first to return ABORT or EXCLUDE short-circuits the rest
 class ConditionalGetAnnotationFilter
          WARC file allows 2 forms of deduplication.
 class CounterFilter
          SearchResultFilter which INCLUDEs all checked records, but keeps track of how many were seen during processing.
 class DateRangeFilter
          SearchResultFilter that excludes records outside of start and end range.
 class DuplicateRecordFilter
          ObjectFilter which omits exact duplicate URL+date records from a stream of CaptureSearchResult.
 class EndDateFilter
          SearchResultFilter which includes all records until 1 is found beyond end date then it aborts processing.
 class ExclusionFilter
 class FilePrefixFilter
 class FileRegexFilter
 class GuardRailFilter
          SearchResultFilter which aborts processing when too many records have been inspected.
 class HostMatchFilter
          SearchResultFilter which includes only records that have original host matching.
 class HttpCodeFilter
          ObjectFilter which allows including or excluding results based on the Http response code.
 class MimeTypeFilter
          SearchResultFilter which includes only records matching one or more supplied Mime-Types.
 class OracleAnnotationFilter
          SearchResult filter class which contacts an access-control Oracle, using information from the public comment field to annotate SearchResult objects.
 class SchemeMatchFilter
          ObjectFilter which omits CaptureSearchResult objects if their scheme does not match the specified scheme.
 class SelfRedirectFilter
          SearchResultFilter which INCLUDEs all records, unless they redirect to themselves, via whatever URL purification schemes are in use.
 class StartDateFilter
          SearchResultFilter which includes all records until 1 is found before start date then it aborts processing.
 class UrlMatchFilter
          SearchResultFilter which includes only records that have url matching aborts as soon as url does not match.
 class UrlPrefixMatchFilter
          SearchResultFilter which includes any URL which begins with a given prefix, and aborts processing when any URL does not match the prefix.
 class UserInfoInAuthorityFilter
          Class which omits CaptureSearchResults that have and '@' in the original URL field, if that '@' is after the scheme, and before the first '/' or ':'
 class WARCRevisitAnnotationFilter
          Filter class that observes a stream of SearchResults tracking for each complete record, a mapping of that records Digest to: Arc/Warc Filename Arc/Warc offset HTTP Response MIME-Type Redirect URL If subsequent SearchResults are missing these fields ("-") and the Digest field is in the map, then the SearchResults missing fields are replaced with the values from the previously seen record with the same digest, and an additional annotation field is added.
 class WindowEndFilter<T>
          SearchResultFitler that includes the first N records seen.
 class WindowStartFilter<T>
          SearchResultFitler that omits the first N records seen.

Uses of ObjectFilter in org.archive.wayback.util

Classes in org.archive.wayback.util that implement ObjectFilter
 class ObjectFilterChain<E>
          ObjectFilterChain implements AND logic to chain together multiple ObjectFilters into a composite.

Methods in org.archive.wayback.util that return types with arguments of type ObjectFilter
 ArrayList<ObjectFilter<E>> ObjectFilterChain.getFilters()

Methods in org.archive.wayback.util with parameters of type ObjectFilter
 void ObjectFilterChain.addFilter(ObjectFilter<E> filter)

Method parameters in org.archive.wayback.util with type arguments of type ObjectFilter
 void ObjectFilterChain.addFilters(Collection<ObjectFilter<E>> list)
 void ObjectFilterChain.setFilters(ArrayList<ObjectFilter<E>> filters)

Constructors in org.archive.wayback.util with parameters of type ObjectFilter
ObjectFilterIterator(CloseableIterator<T> itr, ObjectFilter<T> filter)

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