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A <a href="">firefox</a> extension to help users with common tasks encountered surfing a web archive. This extension depends on the <a href="../wayback/">open source wayback machine</a>. Among the features of the WAX Toolbar is a <i>search field</i> for querying the wayback machine OR for searching a full-text NutchWAX index (if one is available). You can also use the toolbar to switch between proxy-mode and the regular Internet; when in proxy-mode you can easily go back and forth in time. <br /><br />To obtain the firefox extension, see <a href="downloads.html">downloads</a>. Download the WaxToolbar.xpi binary. Installation is as for any other firefox extension: Double-click WaxToolbar.xpi from within firefox. When the extension is installed (and after a re-start of Firefox) a new toolbar will appear. In the Tools menu there will also be a WAX Toolbar Configuration option. Using this you can set the proxy to use -- the wayback machine to use -- and the server running NutchWAX.

Unnamed - junit:junit:jar:3.8.1