Development setup in Eclipse

Here are vitals on setting up an eclipse development environment for nutchwax.


Add the nutch project to eclipse. I had trouble trying to import symlinked nutch -- the .classpath and .project weren't written -- so go against an actual directory. There also seems to be an issue if the directory is named say nutch-trunk when the project name in the build.xml (or .project file) is Nutch. Make them the same.

I created the new project by doing import using the ant build.xml. This does not import all plugins nor does it add in the necessary conf directory. Here is a sample .classpath: .classpath. I have eclipse build into the target subdir.


Nutchwax has a .classpath and .project already. These should just work as is (They build to the target subdir). It depends on a project named 'nutch' being present in the eclipse environment.

So plugins can be found, I added following full-paths to the plugin directories in the nutchwax hadoop-site.xml under nutchwax/conf:


That should do it.